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The 10 Best Artists in the Metaverse

By H. Jones

Metaverse technology concept. Woman with VR virtual reality goggles. Futuristic lifestyle.

As the Metaverse comes to fruition, art is finding its way into the digital space more now than ever. The popularity of NFTs and digital art is allowing artists to think outside the box and create original works that push the boundaries of creativity and form. Here are the ten most interesting artists doing work in the Metaverse and digital space that you should be paying attention to.


Jean Arno


Jean Arno is the rising star in digital, NFT and metaversal art. Poet, philosopher and artist, he stands out for his futuristic, palimpsestic and symbolic art. A theorist of "chaosism" which he defines as "the attempt to embody the complexity of life in the unity of the work of art" and leader of the French American art collective Astrée, he aspires to create a resolutely new type of art, capable of elevating thought and asserting the visions of the spirit more powerfully.


Alotta Money

Alotta Money was one of the first major crypto artists to create work in the Metaverse. His work focuses on futuristic designs and structures. His Voxel Hotel is regarded as one of the most beautiful Cryptovoxel structures to be created so far.



Beeple is a graphic designer who is widely known for creating one of the most expensive NFTs to date. He has had multiple works sell for millions of dollars. Beeple is versatile and has created beautiful works including short films and VR art.


Murat Pak

Pak is the creator of Archillect, one of the highest praised pieces of crypto art. Pak’s work is a mix between stunning digital art and game-based experiences.




Jenisu is known for making colorful crypto pop art of idealistic and vibrant worlds. She is highly regarded as one of the best pop artists in the digital space and continues to create works that push the boundaries and reimagine what life could be like.

Josie Bellini


Josie is a digital artist that focuses on the themes of the crypto ecosystem. Bellini is currently working on a collection of NFTs called CyberBrokers and a metaverse fashion brand called MirrorWave.



SlimeSunday is a digital artist that creates absurd and surreal creations out of digital photography. His works have been called groundbreaking as he tries to break the barrier of what art is. SlimeSunday loves to create works that marry the beauty of art and technology.



Coldie is a 3D Stereoscopic artist that creates NFTs that takes a deeper look at the blockchain industry. Coldie’s work is self-referential and meta. Not only does it look beautiful but visually represents the ins and outs of the blockchain.


Micah Johnson


Micah Johnson is the NFT artist behind  Aku the astronaut. Johnson, formerly a professional baseball player, has been called one of the most influential artists in the metaverse. His works Aku Dreams and Aku World put his astronaut character front and center and work to bring hope to young people.

Mad Dog Jones

A true innovator in the crypto art world, Mad Dog Jones is the artist behind the self-replicating NFT. His work creates a set of original works every 28 days. Each replication is smaller than the one before and eventually, it will no longer replicate.

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October 1 2022

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